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Founder & CEO

CA Nikhil Anand

Nikhil Anand & Co. is an India based Chartered Accountants firm (ICAI Reg. No. FRN032427C) that provides accounting, auditing, tax & consulting and business process outsourcing services to the clients. Over the years, Nikhil Anand & Co. has earned the appreciation and respect of clients, peers and industry experts through hard work, technical expertise and a heartfelt desire to provide excellence in its services. While service excellence is a claim made by many firms, it is important to know that at Nikhil Anand & Co., this claim is not an empty promise. We work to continually meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. At Nikhil Anand & Co., we focus on providing professional services par excellence with high integrity and ethical sanctification. Imbibing the goal of client satisfaction into our work culture, Nikhil Anand & Co., has always strived to add value to the client requisites by taking on challenges through knowledge-based pragmatism. The synergy contributed by the team work of the members of Nikhil Anand & Co., has contributed to the consistent milestones that are being achieved by the firm. Nikhil Anand & Co., offers diverse work opportunities and a steep learning curve to its members. The professional approach without the dearth of a personal touch has contributed to relationship building with our clients as well as our members. The energy, integrity and enthusiasm has carried on the baton of Nikhil Anand & Co., for approx. 2 years and more and would continue to do so for the decades to come. Our Mission is to offer consistent, customized and workable solutions to clients and strive to support our services with the highest level of professionalism, efficiency and technology.
  • People
  • Employees of Nikhil Anand & Co; are an integrated team of professionals who are assigned to the engagements based on skill level, market expertise and personality. This combination provides the most cost-effective solutions for our clients’ accounting, auditing, taxation & business process outsourcing needs.
    Brief About Proprietor:
    Nikhil Agarwal (Membership no. 457392)
    Nikhil Agarwal is an Associate member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. He is having an experience of more than five years in the audit, accounts and taxation. Mr. Nikhil Agarwal also has an experience for taxation matters before various revenue authorities. He has a good experience in handling taxation matters before the various Appeals & Appellate Authorities.


    Accounting & Auditing:
    Our accounting & auditing services are customized for each client & include:
    • - Compliance- Our compliance service ensure that clients conform to industry regulations & guidelines.
    • - Internal audit- In this, we reports on an organization’s financial & internal controls.
    • - Interim audit- Performed during the period before year-end, an interim audit provides planning and documentation in preparation for the year-end audit.
    • - Year-end & Statutory audit- The year-end audit is a comprehensive summary and opinion on financial & controls of an organization. Our Statutory Audit process combines our technical competencies in Accounting Standards, Auditing Standards and the Indian Companies Act, with a detailed knowledge of the client, its market and the industry sector.

    Meaningful Financial Statements:
    At Nikhil Anand & Co., financial statements are designed and presented in a manner that is meaningful to both internal management & external users. While in accordance with the current accounting standards, we take great care to see that statements are easy to comprehend. Footnote disclosures are written in a concise manner to explain important aspects of the financial position and operational results of the company.
    Supplemental Information:
    Full financial statements issued by Nikhil Anand & Co. are often supplemented by other financial information designed to provide further analysis and to meet the specific needs of the users. We place significant emphasis on content relevance and work with management to determine what supplemental information would be useful.
    • Beyond the audit:
    • When engaged for audits, we look for ways to improve operating efficiency and profitability. Recommendations are communicated outlining possible internal control improvements, comments on favorable & unfavorable ratios or trends and other planning considerations. Our risk-based audit approach is focused on Business Process Review rather than transactions verification, combined with operational auditing. We assist the management in establishing and monitoring effective Internal Controls and assisting in better compliance of regulatory requirements of fiscal and other laws. Presently the firm handles internal audits of many large scales as well as mid-size corporate all over India.
    • Quality Control
    • We use the following procedures to ensure the quality control of your audit:
      - Supervision and staff The work of our staff and senior staff on the audit will be reviewed by the person assigned to your audit. This review serves to challenge audit decisions made by our field auditors and establish accountability at a higher level within our firm.
      - Concurring audit review Our system of quality control includes a final review of critical accounting and auditing issues and financial statements disclosures by a partner that has no direct involvement with the audit. This review stage serves as a final challenge of the auditors directly involved and promotes consistency and thoroughness in our application of auditing & accounting pronouncements.
    • Taxation
    • Businesses and individuals today require much more than the timely preparation of the tax returns. Besides, Income Tax, now days, other taxes like Service Tax etc. is of great concern for the corporates & individuals. Constant changes in the tax laws dictate that your tax situation should be monitored throughout the year. We emphasize tax planning, believing that identifying and communicating tax savings strategies is our most important service.
      Our tax professionals concentrate on developing skills in one of the three areas of specialization: - Individuals - Partnership Firms - Incorporated companies/ corporations and other entities.
      Our professionals are committed to keeping on the legislative changes specific to their areas of specialty and developing strategies to minimize our client’s overall tax liability. This, combined with our advanced computer software program, allows us to complete tax returns timely & accurately.
      Besides above, we are proving tax consultancy services to various government & private organizations. We also appear before various tax authorities for the assessment of our clients’ income and for the representation of the case.
    • Management Consultancy
    • Our management consultancy services are a widely respected place of the firm’s practice. We offer a wide variety of business advisory services that complement our traditional accounting & auditing services and are custom designed to meet client objectives.
    • Project Financing
    • We assist our client to get the finance from the financial institutions. Our experience will help definitely help the client in the preparation of the detailed project report and other documents. We work closely with the bankers & financial institutions to maximize the capital raising efforts.
    • Field Investigation
    • We assist the lending financial institutions in verification of the borrower’s address and other information. Our fully dedicated team visits to the borrower’s place to cross check the information. We also provide the services of searching the loan applicant form our huge data base of loan defaulters.
    • Fraud/ forensic accounting
    • Most business owners and managers do not like to admit that they are at risk of fraudulent activities, but employee theft and fraud is a real threat. Our professionals are trained to identify potential risks in our client organizations and help install anti-fraud controls.
    • Registration No.

    • Institute of Chartered Accountants of India FRN032427C
      Income Tax PAN No. BMDPA3260J